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Ok What's with Lou Dobbs?

I wasn't really aware of him (of course I knew he was on CNN) until he started writing weekly columns on really lambasting the president, congress and house. His latest:

Politicians are a funny bunch

First we learn the NSA is listening in on select phone conversations originating from outside the country. What did congress do? Nothing. Then we learn that the NSA is collecting detailed call records of tens of millions of Americans. What did congress do? Nothing. But the FBI raids the congressional office of an obviously corrupt (or very very unlucky) politician and ALL the politicians are up in arms. Is it just me or are they all afraid of what might happen if the FBI pays them all a "visit"?

The NSA is spying on you...

Yep that's right. Turns out the NSA has been getting detailed call logs from the phone companies. No this is not just for international calls but for millions of domestic calls. All without any sort of warrant from any court. This in a country that prides itself on "innocent until proven guilty" and all that good stuff. Funny thing is I am sure the republicans and other right-wingers will somehow find a way to justify this illegal and intrusive program. Perhaps they'll say "if you are doing nothing wrong, you have nothing to fear". Or they'll say "a little privacy is not a big price to pay for security". Well I say bullshit. That's just nonsense. The govt has no right to my call history unless they have a warrant. Regardless of how innocent my calls are. It's incumbent on the govt to prove that I am involved in something illegal not for me to prove that I am innocent. How good a govt do we have if they can't protect us without viol


hey there, welcome to my blog. As the name says, this blog will be about politics (as I see it) and some of the funnier things I come across working as a .NET developer. With the current state of American politics and the guaranteed simplicity of end users, this ought to be a fun blog. Welcome!