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How we ended up eating Sunday dinner at Burger King

After several months of house hunting , we've finally found a house. However closing isn't for a few weeks from now. Which is great because it gives us more time to find a renter for our current house. But boy, does the process suck! A little known trick when renting or selling your house is that it must be staged for potential renters/buyers. That means all those things that makes your house your house... all the pictures, the paintings, the mementos...they all have to come down. Into boxes. Boxes that you stack up in the basement because there's nowhere else to put them. And that's not the worst of it. You have the daily showing appointments which can come any time * (especially on weekdays). So every morning, the entire house must be in "fighting form" i.e. all beds made well enough to make a drill master happy all towels hidden away in closets all counter tops, sinks and showers wiped clean of water with microfiber cloth all microfiber clothes stow