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What can you do with $190 Billion (yes billion)?

No this is not the plot for the next Austin Powers movie. That's the amount the SecDef is asking for to keep fighting the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. And that's just the 2008 budget, which you know they'll exceed and come back to ask for supplemental funding around next June. This will bring the total amount spent on the 2 wars to $610 billion over 6 years. Now you may say, so what? Let me put it these terms * $190 billion in 2008 means $63,093.59 for each American * $610 over 6 years mean $337,606.05 for each American So let me ask you, what do you think you could have done with $337,606 over 6 years? Or, even better, can you use an extra $63,094 next year? Don't even try to compare that to the miserly 2-8% salary action your boss gives you. All calculations based on US population of 301,139,947 (July 17th 2007 est) Finally, to those who think I am a Bush hater, weren't we promised the Iraqi oil money would pay for the war? hmmmmm

Premium Cable

Currently I have the most basic of all cable services. Why? Because everything I watch is on network TV, with HD too. So I always ask myself why would anyone pay $120 per month for 500 channels when a) you can only watch one channel at a time b) half of the channel are full of crap like Music Choice 1-100 (like who wants to listen to music on a tv when the radio was invented years ago) c) I really really hate to have to pay $5 per month to Verizon just for the pleasure of renting their adapter So why do you have premium cable?

Michael Vick is toast

I am not sure he'll come back from this. What I don't understand is why would a guy with a $100 million contract engage in something so despicable enjoyment? Too bad for the Atlanta Falcons. They just traded away Vick's backup. So not only is their star QB and franchise player in federal indictment mess, they don't have a backup QB.

Leaving Iraq...

Why is it "cut and run" when the Left called for withdrawal from Iraq? But nobody is mentioning "cut and run" now that the Republicans are calling for the same thing. Seriously, this country is a joke.

Signs of the times

You know how churches have screens with information displayed during service? Like " Will the owner of green Honda Accord with MD plates XXXX please move your car? " or " Sister Toyin, please come to the children's church "? Well guess what they were displaying at my church this past Sunday: Foreclosure Avoidance Classes: Sign up now!!! I read it and I chuckled to myself. Several months ago, those screens were displaying: Sign up for Homebuying 101. Classes filling up fast!!! How times have changed. Even though the educated and informed folks have not officially declared the "home as a business" bubble a bust, I keep seeing the signs. I woke up this morning to hear NBC4 advertising a "how to avoid foreclosure" segment.

What's wrong with rich people?

I am talking about rich people getting in legal trouble for stupid crimes. Like driving under the influence. Why not just hire a freaking driver? I mean most of these rich people have enough free loaders to pick one as driver. So to you Paris Hilton, Mel Gibson and other rich people who've gotten in trouble for DUI, hire a freaking driver and stop being a nitwit! Also, why would a rich NFL player already in legal and job trouble go to a strip club? I am talking about you, Pacman Jones. If you must see naked women why not just put up a pole in your humongous basement and bring them there? Because no good ever come from strip clubs. None. No one ever had an epiphany in a strip club.

The Enemy of my enemy...

Is the enemy of your enemy really your friend? Yes says the US Army. You may know that the Sunnis and Shiites are trying to kill each other in Iraq, while blowing up the occasional US soldier. Well the US has now determined that since the Shiites are supported by Al Qaeda, the best policy is to arm the Sunnis in their fight against the Shiites. Let me say that again: the US Army is supplying weapons to the same insurgents that are responsible for numerous IED attacks on American soldiers. Now you may think "of course this is propaganda being spread by liberal democrats to discredit The Surge". Well the chief architect of the surge confirmed this himself on yesterday's Fox Morning Show with Chris Wallace. General David H. Petraeus was asked and he confirmed it. A sane person would wonder "what's going to stop these Sunnis from turning those same weapons on us?" General Petraeus has that covered. They collect biometric information from the Sunnis before relea