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Driving the Curious Twins

Every once in a while, chauffeuring these kids around gets interesting. This happens when the conversation between them takes a turn towards what I like to call the existential and I simply stay out of it. Today's turn led them to ask "Who decided summer was going to be so long?" It started with Dara. Dara: Summer is too long. I miss Mrs Strine so much [Mrs Strine was their kindergarten teacher] Random talk about how the school is empty during summer and students have to hang out with their families...Then: Toni: Summer and winter are so long. I wonder who made them so long Even though I wasn't looking, I could imagine the gears turning in their little heads. Eventually: Dara: It was the first baby! Toni: The first baby? Dara: Yes, the first baby came out and saw the seasons and decided how long they'll be Me? I wondered whether I should blow their minds and ask where the "first baby" came from. But I decided it'll be mean to do that to