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Google arrogance: Chrome vs Hotmail

Chrome is Google's new browser. So far it hasn't overtaken any of the major browsers in terms of user adoption. I have switched because it's much faster and uses less memory than Firefox. But it does have it's shortcomings (after it's just a baby compared to the others). Now I have noticed that Microsoft's Hotmail doesn't quite work in Chrome. You basically can't type anything. So while it's good for reading your hotmail email you can't really really.  Today, I saw Google has come out with a work-around for the problem: simply pose as Apple's Safari browser and Hotmail works fine. Minor fix! But leave it to these 2 big guys to get in a spitting match about whose fault is it and who should respond faster with a fix: Google position:  Normally you think of Web pages being faster to update than client-side software downloads. In this case though, Chrome updates near-weekly, much faster than Hotmail did. Another illustration that velocity and spe

I can't read minds; trying to suffer fools gladly; and other work place pet peeves

I can't read minds. It's such a simple truth but people tend to forget. Especially at work. How many times have you had someone (at work) IM you and immediately rush into a complicated explanation of a problem they're having? All without providing any sort of context. For me, it's too many times. Say everybody is supposed to submit a report (say TPS report) by a particular date. One person doesn't do it. Now it turns out I need his TPS report and I can't find it. Am I supposed to find it funny that he didn't do it? I mean I do have a sense of humor. I get TheOnion , I get SNL , I get MadTV (sometimes)...I don't get Carlos Mencia

You just gotta admire the nerve of these guys...

After collecting govt bailout money, Citigroup is buying a new $50 million executive jet that seats 12. Yes, instead of lending all that govt money to businesses, they decided to take delivery of a new corporate jet. Sweet! Remember when AIG was using our money for least that was stimulating a part of the American economy. This $50 million is going directly to the french manufacturer of the jet.

Breastfeeding and Facebook

There's a growing war between Facebook and some so-called Breastfeeding advocates. The advocates are pissed because Facebook is taking down breastfeeding pictures that it claims violate its terms. I have no problem with breastfeeding. In fact, I think it's way better than formula. But I draw the time at exposed breasts. And that's what we are talking about here. There's a page hosted by some wacko Canadian group that shows the pictures taken down by Facebook. Trust me, these are not pictures you want to view at work . While they may not qualify as "pornography", they are certainly highly inappropriate. Childbirth is natural but you wouldn't show pictures of your childbirth to everybody, would you?  And really what does Facebook have to do with breastfeeding awareness? If you are mom, mom-to-be and the first place you hear of breastfeeding is on facebook, you need better pre-natal care.