Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I can't read minds; trying to suffer fools gladly; and other work place pet peeves

  • I can't read minds. It's such a simple truth but people tend to forget. Especially at work. How many times have you had someone (at work) IM you and immediately rush into a complicated explanation of a problem they're having? All without providing any sort of context. For me, it's too many times.
  • Say everybody is supposed to submit a report (say TPS report) by a particular date. One person doesn't do it. Now it turns out I need his TPS report and I can't find it. Am I supposed to find it funny that he didn't do it? I mean I do have a sense of humor. I get TheOnion, I get SNL, I get MadTV (sometimes)...I don't get Carlos Mencia

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