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Internet Explorer 8 optimized for Google  Yeah it's for real. A Microsoft browser optimized by Google. 

Like Frankenstein, the case of the curious charge from Enterprise is back alive....

A couple of months ago, I wrote about a curious charge of $40 from Enterprise (read the post for background). The gist of it is Enterprise Rental Car stuck me with a fee that they could not substantiate. They claimed I ran a toll while driving one of their cars and that they've: decided to pay the fine for me decided to charge me a 33% "admin fee" for that privilege decided to wait several months before notifying  decided to charge the fine + admin fee to my credit card. So I did what anyone should: I called them to dispute it. Didn't get anywhere with them so I filed a dispute with American Express. After a couple of disputed charges, Amex ruled in my favor and I thought all was done. Well, guess what? It's not! Apparently, Enterprise really wants their money. So they've decided to send me another notice (with no mention of our prior entanglement) decided to change the fine from $30 to $25 (no reason given) decided to call it a "parking fee"