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Things I've learnt in 2 weeks of fatherhood

Looking at my two kids, I can now understand why parents can never ever see you as an adult. They'll always see you as the tiny little bundle that arrived after hours of labor. I look at my babies and think to myself: "one day, these two will try to prove they know more than I do". Yikes! "Output" from a 2-week old baby can smell really really bad! But if your baby hasn't pooped in several hours, the sounds and smell of his poop can make you literally dance for joy. Even 2-week old babies have little tricks up their sleeves. I swear my son was holding his bottle at 1-week. And when they're really hungry, they'll (attempt to) eat anything near their little mouths. And I mean anything: burp cloth, bib, their fingers, my finger. Thank God they don't have teeth yet. Having a plan for the overnight feedings is crucial. In our case, we operated in shifts. My wife's mom took the midnight shift, my wife took the 3am 'cos she has to get up to pump

Dara's home!!!

After spending a week in the NICU (as a feeder grower i.e. no medical issues just needed to eat), my daughter came home today. So now my family is complete and we can get on with our lives. The past week has been strange. Kind of like living in a suspended state. While Toni was doing beatifully at home (gained 2 oz in 2 days), we couldn't be 100% estactic since we were still waiting on Dara. Well, today the NICU called and said "come get your child!" And so we did. Toni, Lara and I loaded up the car, busted out the travel system and away we went to get Toni's sister. Check out the pictures on facebook (friends and family) and geni (family only).

The babies are here

So it's a girl and a boy. The perfect combination. We wanted to wait until delivery to find out the genders. And we got so lucky to have one of each. The boy looks like his mom and the girl looks like me. For now. So 12+ hours post-birth: I am doing ok. Mom is doing good. Babies are doing great. The nursery has been taking care of them, which I assume, gives me free time to post this blog :)

How far does your mouse travel each day?

In the past few weeks, I have been using my wireless mouse a lot more since I've been working from home. After changing the batteries yet again yesterday, I started wondering exactly how much distance does my mouse cover in an average day? Sure the mouse never leaves the desk but it moves from point to point each time you use it and that's distance that can be measured. And where something can be measured, there's data that can be visualized, sliced and diced. So I went googling (or binging as Microsoft would prefer) and found Mousotron ( It's free and pretty cool. Tracks your keystrokes, mouse clicks and more importantly the distance covered by your mouse. It sounds ridiculous but what if you found out your mouse moved 10 miles in one day. Sure it's no big deal for your mouse but your hand had to move your mouse, right? And you had to do it with your wrist on the table and your fingers on the mouse, right? That certa

Wining is everything

I'll admit: I watch MLS soccer. Sure it's not La Liga or Premier League but it's fun and available without my paying a king's ransom in cable fees. Anyway, I was watching DC United beating NY Red Bulls 2-0 and the camera cut to a feed showing Juan Carlos Osorio (Red Bulls coach) furiously scribbling in a notebook during the match. Now, for those who don't know, Osorio is known as somewhat of a tactician. His note taking during matches is well known and up until now has been touted as part of his genius. You see him scribbling in the first half; his team comes out with the "perfect" tactics in the second; and he and his note taking gets the credit. But now that the Red Bulls are struggling (last in the eastern conference, 0-6-1 road record with no goals on the road), Osorio's note taking is no longer a sign of brilliance. His penchant for changing line up is now thought of as over-coaching. Last year, when he managed to get the Red Bulls into the M

Sex sells. But inappropriate office behavior?

I love Hulu . I wish ABC would just hurry up and join already. Anyway, there I was last night watching Fox's "Mental" on Hulu and I got to thinking "what the heck is wrong with all these shows on tv trying so hard to sell sex and general bad behavior at the office place?!!" If all you had for example of office place behavior was Fox's House , you would be fired even before you had your badge set up. House practically commits verbal sex harrassment each and every episode and it's like no big deal. He says really really inappropriate stuff to his female boss all the time. I know it's a tv show but please a little realism. Add to that all the shenanigans on Grey's Anatomy & Private Practice and you'll think all hospitals are a hotbed of casual sex. I've never worked in an hospital but I certainly hope if I do go in, my doctor didn't just come from having a 1-on-1 with the nurse in the on call room. Yikes!

First change from expecting children

I totally forgot about my birthday! It's in a few days but because we've been so wrapped up in this pregnancy thing, I absolutely forgot about it. And this isn't some subconscious don't-want-to-get-old thing. I just didn't remember. Until my wife asked me what I wanted. Usually, by now I am busy scoping out which gadget to get myself (a video baby monitor doesn't count, right?). But this year, it totally escaped my mind. Even though the babies will probably be born around my birthday. I know they say once you have kids, it becomes all about them. I just didn't think it would start so early.