Tuesday, June 09, 2009

How far does your mouse travel each day?

In the past few weeks, I have been using my wireless mouse a lot more since I've been working from home. After changing the batteries yet again yesterday, I started wondering exactly how much distance does my mouse cover in an average day? Sure the mouse never leaves the desk but it moves from point to point each time you use it and that's distance that can be measured. And where something can be measured, there's data that can be visualized, sliced and diced.

So I went googling (or binging as Microsoft would prefer) and found Mousotron(http://www.blacksunsoftware.com/mousotron.html). It's free and pretty cool. Tracks your keystrokes, mouse clicks and more importantly the distance covered by your mouse. It sounds ridiculous but what if you found out your mouse moved 10 miles in one day. Sure it's no big deal for your mouse but your hand had to move your mouse, right? And you had to do it with your wrist on the table and your fingers on the mouse, right? That certainly can't be a natural posture for your hand.

Since I installed Mousotron (5hr 22 mins), my mouse has travelled about 900 yards. That's almost half a mile in a little over half a day's work.

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