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Time Travel

 On November 25th, I ordered a couple of items from Bed, Bath & Beyond. It was late on Thanksgiving, I was up and decided to take a quick look at early Black Friday deals. The air fryer I had been eyeing for a few months was finally on sale. And I needed a comforter set. So why not kill 2 birds with one stone? I ordered both items for delivery (2-3 business days). Whatever, not an urgent need. 

Friday afternoon, I received an email from BBB, my items have been split into 2 shipments. The first shipment is on the way. Here's the tracking number. Oh nice...I clicked on the tracking number and got this:

I do not list in NJ

Go ahead, click on it and take a look at the dates. According to that tracking info, the package was shipped on October 13th! Yeah, that's the reason for the title of this post. Somehow, BBB issued an already-used tracking number for my shipment. It gets worse. Both shipments were assigned different used tracking numbers. Both tracking numbers were for packages shipped before I even placed my order. So either BBB and/or their shipping partner royally screwed up or we've got a time-travelling package. 

I called BBB, spent over 3 hours across multiples calls over multiple days with them. Bottom line, they couldn't explain it either. They decided to ship me replacements. Fine...can you expedite it? Sorry, we can't do that. It'll take 7-10 business days! At this point, I was royally pissed. So they issued a replacement order and gave me the new order number. Couple of days later, I go to check the status of that order and guess what? Their website can't find the new/replacement order number. Great...just great. Decided to call back. This time their automated phone system had the new tracking info...just wait for it to arrive. Somehow, at the back of my mind I kept wondering how the heck does this happen? USPS or whoever they use can't just time-travel a shipment to the past. I wondered if both shipments will end up arriving...yep, that's exactly what happened. 

First, the air fryer...oh nice. Started using it; not super impressed but that's a story for another day. Couple of days later, a package shows up at the door. Great, I thought, the comforter set has arrived. But no, it's another air fryer. I put it in the garage...I'll deal with this later. Next day, the comforter set arrived. Day after that, a second comforter set arrives. 

Obviously, I can't keep them. So now I've got to call them to come pick up their stuff or I've gotta schlep them over to the Bed, Bath & Beyond store. 


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