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What can you do with $190 Billion (yes billion)?

No this is not the plot for the next Austin Powers movie. That's the amount the SecDef is asking for to keep fighting the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. And that's just the 2008 budget, which you know they'll exceed and come back to ask for supplemental funding around next June. This will bring the total amount spent on the 2 wars to $610 billion over 6 years. Now you may say, so what? Let me put it these terms * $190 billion in 2008 means $63,093.59 for each American * $610 over 6 years mean $337,606.05 for each American So let me ask you, what do you think you could have done with $337,606 over 6 years? Or, even better, can you use an extra $63,094 next year? Don't even try to compare that to the miserly 2-8% salary action your boss gives you. All calculations based on US population of 301,139,947 (July 17th 2007 est) Finally, to those who think I am a Bush hater, weren't we promised the Iraqi oil money would pay for the war? hmmmmm

Premium Cable

Currently I have the most basic of all cable services. Why? Because everything I watch is on network TV, with HD too. So I always ask myself why would anyone pay $120 per month for 500 channels when a) you can only watch one channel at a time b) half of the channel are full of crap like Music Choice 1-100 (like who wants to listen to music on a tv when the radio was invented years ago) c) I really really hate to have to pay $5 per month to Verizon just for the pleasure of renting their adapter So why do you have premium cable?