Wednesday, February 25, 2009

This is why I hate Apple

Sure their devices are sleek, cool and cost more than your mortage. But is it too much to ask that when I install 1 of their software, the installer doesn't install a bunch of other Apple crap that I don't need/want? 

First it was iTunes:
  • it doesn't work unless Quicktime is installed. Why I need another Apple video player as a pre-requisite for iTunes (a media player) is beyond me!
  • when you install iTunes, you get these "great" Apple software like "Bonjour", "Apple Software Update" (which isn't really a vehicle for delivering updates but one for delivering yet more Apple products to unsuspecting consumers). 
  • In addition to those, you get all sorts of Windows Services for managing iPhones even if you don't have one. 
I seem to remember there was a time Apple, Sun and others were against Microsoft bundling IE with Windows. I wonder how many MacBook Apple sells without all their iCrap software.

Today, I decided to try the beta version of Apple's Safari browser.  These are the installation screens:

This is the result of the installation:

Why does a browser need a separate updater? Why didn't Apple go the route of Firefox and Chrome, where the browser itself check for updates when you use it? And why for crying out loud is the updater pitching me Quicktime and iTunes? BTW, you'll notice from the screenshot below that all the "updates" are conveniently checked. What a bush league thing to do.


  1. I'm a huge advocate of all things Apple. Infact, I develop exclusively on the mac. I hate Microsoft, but it is required for all things .NET and SQL Server required for my day-2-day activities. The point of my rant is to say neither of the operating systems are perfect.

  2. I know. All existing OS suck in some respect or the other. The only thing is Microsoft has never had me install a separate video player (i.e. Quicktime) just because I wanted to install a music/video player (iTunes). Also, Microsoft gets a lot of grief for their bad behavior but Apple seems to have more fanboys than true critics. Don't even get me started on the evils of Apple (did you know the new iPod shuffle requires specialized headphones that are either made by Apple or made by hardware manufacturers who are required to pay Apple a licensing fee? All for a freaking headphone to play music. Give me break. But you very rarely see that fact in any review of the shuffle. Everybody is so enamored with the small form factor).