Saturday, October 02, 2010

Ink jet printers for home use or spawn of Satan?

If there is one piece of electronics that I absolutely hate, it's home printers. In my experience, they just don't work. Every single one of them that I have bought (HP, Lexmark etc) have all been crap. They never work when you need them to. The worst, I think, is HP. First, the POS takes 2 cartridges and HP, in their bureaucratic fashion, have made it so the printer doesn't even print if you don't have both cartridges in place. Really? How deliberately diabolical is that? Imagine, it's late on a saturday night and you really need to print a black-and-white document and the printer says "Sorry, you don't have color ink so I won't print your black-and-white document!" I mean really? What jerk came up with this innovative way to piss off consumers? Why should a printer refuse to work because 1 of 2 cartridges is empty? I remember in the old days, if your printer took both color and black cartridges, it'll use the color to print black documents and the black cartridge to print color documents (in grayscale mode). So why the heck does HP think they ought to set the printer industry back several years? It's just incomprehensible to me how companies make such shitty decisions. And don't even get me started about how expensive the ink is for these POS.

Anyway, I am packing up the POS and returning it to Costco. Thank God for a reasonable company.

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