Thursday, May 31, 2012

How long should a blog post be?

A couple of times, people have accused me of writing really long blog posts. While I know that I have written some long ones, I think a blog ought to be more than a tweet or a facebook status update. This has been a problem for me because sometimes I want to write about a topic but I either can't quite write enough about it to justify making it a blog post or I just don't have the time to flesh out all my thoughts. So my blogger dashboard is littered with several unfinished blog posts that I started but didn't finished. For example, I had some really strong opinions on the Trayvon Martin case (back before Zimmerman was arrested). Mostly it was about how the case resonated with minority males (especially fathers) in a way in which non-minorities can't fathom. Not because they are insensitive but because they just can't do it. It's like expecting a 3rd world military dictator to understand the US Constitution.

Oh yeah, where was I? Right, about writing really long blog posts. Bottom line, it's not my intent to turn these things into lengthy reads but having collected your readership dues, I feel I have to provide a commensurate amount of content (you did pay your monthly dues for reading this blog, right?)*

* Looking back at this post, I wonder if this is just an excuse to post something even when I don't have a specific topic to write about :)

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