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Personal conviction versus Public policy

When it comes to public policy, you almost have to have 2 approaches: one for your family and one for the general public. Take sex for example. Most parents probably have "no sex before marriage" as the goal. But when you are talking about public health, you have to be pragmatic and know that you won't get 100% compliance. So what happens to the kids that miss the goal? Unplanned pregnancies, self esteem issues etc Even if you have just 1% failure rate, that's a whole lot of people that you haven't planned for.

Take abortion, even pro-choice people know this is a life-altering decision. Sure, as a Christian/Muslim, you may abhor abortion but what about the non-Christians/Muslims in the population? Are you not going to plan for them? If you close all abortion clinics (or make it extremely difficult for them to remain open), maybe that'll force some people to have their rape/incest babies but do you think others won't try risky means to abort the baby? So what happens in that case? You end up with Kermit Gosnell, back-alley abortions and other unsafe abortions methods.

Take alcohol, just Google prohibition if you don't already know.

Marijuana: I have never smoked it but how is it any more dangerous than alcohol? And yet we have people in jail for possession. Just legalize it, stigmatize it, prevent them from marketing it to kids and tax the heck out of it. It already worked for cigarette smoking.

Guns: I don't own guns and have only shot a rifle once. I think it should be legal but why the f**k are we allowing them to market to kids? Why should you be able to own a lethal weapon when you can't even be left at home alone?

Gay Marriage: Yes it's against your religion but again, what about those who don't share your religion? Should they be subjected to your religious beliefs? That's not what the United States stands for...this is a country that gives asylum to people from countries that practice crap like that. The ironic thing is that all these Christian fundamentalists are no different than the Islamic fanatic they consider their mortal enemies. Both of them want the same thing: impose their religion on everybody.

Now I am not an anarchist and by no means am I saying everything should be allowed (although that's the premise of what looks to be an intersting movie) but if what we are doing isn't working, why not do something radical and change things up? What's the worst that could happen? Maybe abortions become "safe, legal and rare". Maybe young kids realize that you can get pregnant from your first time. Maybe we stop putting young people in prison for smoking weed. We allow any 2 people that love each other to get "married".


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