Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Will you recommend this McDonald's to others?

I am filling out a McDonald's satisfaction survey and ran into this question:

Seriously? Who goes around recommending McDonald's to others? McDonald's are like gas stations; on every corner and one is just as good as the next. That's the beauty/curse of being a franchise, no? Every restaurant serves pretty much the same food.

Person A: Hey, can you recommend a great place to grab a quick lunch?
Person B: Oh yes. You have to go to this great place I know. The food is great and the service is excellent.
Person A: Really? Now I've gotta see this place. Where is it?
Person B: It's the McDonald's on All Saints Road. The food is to die* for.

And they had this other gem on the survey:

* some would claim that's literally :)

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