Friday, May 02, 2008

The NBA is a rigged league

Why? I am not some conspiracy theorist but here are the facts:

* LeBron throws an elbow at Andray Blatche's head in Game 1. No call. However, he's retroactively fined just before Game 3. That's 4-6 days later. Wizards get no advantage of free throws or suspension of a key player.

* Haywood gets a flagrant foul in game 3. No suspension (but then the tide was definitely in Cleveland's favor).

* Darius Songaila, a guy who's not known for getting techs, accidentally hits LeBron in Game 5. He's tee'd up.

* The kicker: 5 hours before a critical Game 6, Songaila is suspended. How do you announce a suspension of a key reserve just 5 hours before a fricking game? At that point, you know the coaches have finished their game plans.The teams have had their LAST practice. And now you suspend a key reserve? That's like the NFL suspending a player on Sunday, before the game.

If that's not fixing the results, well the NBA is really going to extreme lengths to make it appear so. I suppose a Celtics vs Cleveland matchup is sexier to the NBA. Bucking fastards.

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