Thursday, May 08, 2008

NSL makes America a SHAM!!!

Imagine you live in a country where the govt's internal security service can issue a secret letter that authorizes them to get ALL sorts of DATA on INNOCENT citizens. Not only that, the letter is not subject to ANY judicial approval and the recipient(s) ARE BARRED from EVER revealing its existence! So let's review:

* secret govt agency can get records on innocent citizens
* citizens can't disclose the existence of the letter

If you lived in such a country, perhaps you'll cry out about the injustice, the trampling of rights. Perhaps you'll even cry for America to come to your aid. Well, you'll be sorely dissappointed. That country is America. And yes the FBI can issue a National Security Letter to get ALL your records (internet, phone etc). You may think "well it's time of crisis and am sure the FBI uses this power judiciously"...again you'll be wrong. The FBI issued 50,000 NSL each year. That's a lot of secret subpoenas that don't require judicial approval.

And to think America walks around posing like the picture of democracy...what a lie!

So how do you fight an FBI's NSL: you hope the recipient of the letter has enough balls to sue them! The Internet Archive did and won:

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