Tuesday, December 09, 2008

A few things I don't understand...

Unlike my 6-year old nephew, who once exclaimed "I know everything!", I don't know everything. Here's a few things that dumbfound me:
  • How do transgendered people know they really are supposed to be the other sex? Say you are biologicially male, how do you know you'll feel more comfortable in a female body?
  • Why do people hire life coaches that are in the same tax bracket as themselves?
  • Who buys a $50 "Jr. Size Paper Planner"?
  • How can you embrace the concept of civil union and reject same sex marriage?
  • How could the Navy have paid several millions for a network that makes traffic slow to a crawl? Network is so bad sometimes it can't even load its own error messages before timing out!
  • Why does the govt keep rewarding private contractors of failed projects with more projects for more money? SAIC I am looking at you for what you did with the FBI's VCF.

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